I was planning to work on lots of pages this weekend but I ended up doing a (nano-related) painting instead. :|;;;
click thumb for full size!
It’s actually a repaint of an older piece. They are the two main characters of the story!
I’m really excited to finally be writing this story– I actually kept meaning to write it for past nanos but I kept thinking of different ideas I was more eager to write. (FM was one of them, incidentally! I don’t know if you’re aware but I originally wrote this comic in text form, for nano 2010.) But it ended up being a good thing that I never wrote it, because sometime in the last few months I had a big epiphany about the story and how to make it so much better, so it would have been a big shame to have to rewrite/delete a lot of stuff I’d already written. xD;;
(perhaps I will elaborate more on that next update!!)