You can view a bigger version of the cover here c:

Luthe and Maut feature prominantly in this chapter so they get the cover! Maybe we’ll finally find out a little more about Luthe, like what he’s hiding under that hood or what his deal with trees is.
(and Luthe is also probably my favourite character to draw, so… there’s that too. xD )

…on a slightly related note, would anyone be interested in stuff like prints if I set up a shop? (I’d definitely have covers 6 and 7 up there, as well as some other illustrations.)

I’m going to say that page one will be up on friday (18 January), and I’ll be going thrice weekly. My goal is to get 4 chapters done this year instead of just 3… we’ll see how well that works out! 8D

(and I promise I’ll finally do something about the vote incentive, as soon as I remember my login.)