It’s been a while since the last time I queued up pages (and I’m too lazy to edit already-queued posts) so this is a little belated but… I made a card for the Webcomics Tarot Project! It’s a pretty cool thing where a bunch of comic creators made art for tarot cards, you should check it out! (I did the Eight of Wands, which was actually the only card left unclaimed… and they had all been taken, but I was fortunate that someone missed a deadline and I was able to jump in.)

Look, it’s a pretty! 8D
I will try to update the gallery with the full illustration shortly– I lost track of the correct dimensions while I was painting and had to crop it to fit the card template; the full painting is a bit wider. In the meantime (because you never know how long it will actually take me to update the gallery) you can check it out on my DevART. I do rather like this one! C: