So I’m having computer troubles and can’t scan things at the moment. In the meantime, here’s a preview/WIP of the cover!

Comic updates will resume as soon as I can figure out a solution to the computer issue (though hopefully it won’t actually need fixing and just needs a day or two to sit alone in the corner and rethink its poor life choices).

In other news, I decided it was time to admit defeat and start posting pages at a larger size. I really should have done this at least a few chapters ago– initially the 600-pixel size was sufficient, but over the course of making pages I started refining my lines more and adding more detail. (I’ve known that 600 pixels wasn’t enough for a while now but I tried to avoid the change because it’s a lot of work to rescale and reupload over 250 pages…)

Anyway, about a week or two ago I reuploaded all of chapter 9 at 700 pixels wide, and all new pages will also be posted at that size (ie as big as I can make it without breaking/recoding the site, which… HAHAHA NO). I’ll gradually be editing the rest of the pages too, one chapter at a time. (They’ll take longer the closer I get to the beginning; some of the early chapters also need to be rescanned.) Hopefully this upgrade will make for a more pleasurable reading experience!