I meant to have a cover up on time for this chapter, but I couldn’t come up with a composition I liked and I didn’t want to put off these pages any longer. I’ll add it in when it’s done.

We haven’t seen this guy in a while! (He last appeared around 6-28.)
Fun fact: I painted parts of this scene but used ordinary sketchbook paper instead of something more appropriate for paint, so the paper went all curly and wobbly and I had to press it flat again before I could scan them xD;;

Also, a few site updates:

I finally got tired of the archives being out-of-date, so I force-uploaded a temporary page (I’m still having issues with cpanel and can’t alter the true archive). I had to code everything from scratch and coding is most definitely not my forte, but at least it’s not missing two whole chapters anymore.

and there’s a new vote incentive! a WIP of the FM world map. (I started working on this thing almost two years ago, so who knows if I’ll ever finish it.) I’m going to try to change them more frequently (I’ve got a cut page from the end of chapter 6 queued up for the start of February; other suggestions are appreciated)!