The Comic
A runaway supersoldier winds up serving as a bodyguard to a bard who loves telling stories but doesn’t believe in any of them. Together with a pyromaniac pilot, they go on poorly planned adventures!
Meanwhile, a weirdo who talks to trees is sidetracked from his Mysterious Quest when he meets a kid with strange powers and decides to protect him from the people who want to use him as a living weapon.
But a lot of suspicious people are up to no good, and nothing is quite what it seems….

From the Machine is a somewhat steampunkish fantasy-adventure comic. It contains some language and violence/gore, and is not recommended for very young readers (the equivalent of a ‘PG-13’ rating).

Pages are drawn in sketchbooks, inked with a brush-pen, and toned with copic sketch markers. (Sometimes I add a few digital effects as well, but all the important elements are done traditionally.)

The comic began in early January 2011 and updates three pages per week (usually MWF) unless otherwise noted– I usually take short breaks between chapters; these will always be announced in the blog posts. The story’s first incarnation was written in prose for National Novel-Writing Month in November 2010– all the main characters are still there, though much of the plot has changed since then. (And before you ask… no, I’m not planning to ever post the prose version. Sorry!)

The Creator
is a weirdo, who is the worst at writing bios and thinks doing so in third person is incredibly silly anyway.

…All silliness aside, my name is Felix; I also go by Duskglass online, and either name is fine.
This little project is my first attempt at a comic that has actually gone anywhere! (A few other attempts exist, but they died rather quickly…) I’m learning this as I go, so if anything is illegible or confusing or I gave someone an extra leg, please tell me and I will do my best to fix it! (If the page got this far without being corrected I probably won’t notice on my own.)
When not making comics and illustrations, I’m a theatrical costume technician. (My focus is costume crafts, though I also do stitching, draping, props, makeup and body paint… lots of weird things!) I also enjoy writing prose, though I’m not particularly good at it.

This site would not exist without Meg and Varethane, who helped a lot with the coding and other website-related shenanigans– they both make excellent comics as well; go check them out!
All fan and gift art belongs to its respective creators; everything else was made by me.