Other places to find me:

DeviantART– main account; comics account. (If you want a quick response, use the main one; I only log into the comics account to post pages… which I’m actually horribly behind on, WHOOPS.)

Tumblr— my askbox is always open, though tumblr is really bad at notifying me that I have messages (and sometimes eats them entirely) so I may not reply right away.

Society6— you can buy prints here! I’ve got some FM-related things up, as well as some other illustrations I’ve done.

Forums– I’m active on two, the Fantasy Comic Portal and SS4A. (FCP is a forum devoted to long-form fantasy and sci-fi comics; SS4A is an artist-hangout forum.)

Other– National Novel-Writing Month (no idea if this interests anyone, but I’ll stick it here anyway?) and Craic Oekaki— board I draw at sometimes! (there is also a sevensmith oekaki but it’s really inactive.)

(I don’t have facebook or twitter. This list doesn’t cover every single account I’ve made on any website ever, just the most active ones.)